Participant and Visitor Reviews

"It's such a blessing to be part of this wonderful community of love and giving that these heart-filled people give so freely. You are one in this family. Thank you Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson for giving such beautifully symphony of love to your orchestra. It makes beautiful music." - Danielle Bourque

"What a wonderful time we shared at this event and this years fair was so special, simply put it was a gathering of friends and a reuniting of souls." - Minnie R.

"An honour to be part of this community that makes you feel we are all family." - Paulette Melanson

"...It's one of my most favourite events of the year...The energy of love and goodness there is like no other..." - Kim Mueller

"I spent most of the day today at the fair, and it was a wonderful experience! So much to see and everyone was so helpful, answering any and all questions. Very well done, I will definitely attend another in the future!" - Faith Allaby-Hourihan

​​"Come with your family and see the difference this "little fair with a big heart" can do for you. ​It helped change my life." - B.B.

​"THE LITTLE FAIR WITH THE BIG HEART!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!! The people at this Fair make you feel like family!!! Absolutely Great Energy!!!! And great free presentations!!!" - Lise A.G.

"You could really feel the love. Great event! Good for the soul!" - D.C.

"My first fair and I was so blessed. It was a heart filled weekend." - D.B.

"My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude. I met so many wonderful people.." - J.E.

"All of the vendors were so welcoming and inspiring. I have a spiritual connection this fair. (It) opened many other doors in my journey as well I've learned many new things that I will carry on with me!" - J.K.

"I love the vendors and workshops. It feels like a Family Reunion. Everyone makes you feel special.." - D.P.S.

"I love that they are all local vendors, and that there is space to wander around and meet these fabulous people!" - E.C.

"This year I plan to take in lots of the talks, and simply wander. That's what makes the Riverview Holistic Fair so great - you can actually have conversations with people!" - K.M.

"The energy was wonderful, light and fairy, and the entire atmosphere was so relaxed. I am so grateful I came." - P.L.

"The holistic fairs that you put on are a breath of fresh air." - J.T.

"There is much love and support to be found at this event. It truly is the Fair with a big heart!" - K.G.

"Great fair & yummy energy...very informative!!!" - S.B.

"I saw old friends and made new ones." - K.C.

"I came away feeling more peaceful and much better informed." - L.W.P.

"I look forward to these weekends!!!" - B.B.

"Such wonderful energy in that environment." - M.M.

"As my first wellness fair experience... I thoroughly enjoyed it!" D.B.

"Thank you for organizing another wonderful fair!!" M.S.

"I really enjoyed going this weekend, just what I needed to rebalance!" - H.L.

"Thanks for this, I had a great day....lots to think about...." - D.T.

"Had a great time at the holistic fair on the weekend! So much positive energy there!" - M.F.

"HAD A GREAT WEEKEND!!! Went to the RIVERVIEW HOLISTIC FAIR and enjoyed the Fair tremendously!!! I loved the presentations, the presenters, the different booths, their services, the people, the food, the friendliness!!!! It was all GOOD!!!! They always make us feel like family!!! LOVE THEM ALL!!!" - L. A-G.

"When a group of people with a common goal of healing come together in an environment of love and acceptance, the results are magnified many times." - A.A.

"Grand succès en fin merci à tous pour la belle énergie et les beaux commentaires.......great weekend!.....great people, great food!" - D.T.

"This was my first time to the Holistic Fair. I enjoyed it so much! Can't wait for the next one!" P.S.

"Loads of information with the small seminars offered and great attendances." - S.C.

"I had a great time...It all started with a hug, then meeting great people and having great chats and conversations. Then, I had an incredible double-energy treatment...not to mention getting some Chinese medicine ear acupuncture!!" - J.R.

"It is a great feeling to know we can connect with oneness of flowing gentle souls that each fair brings our way... We are all one, connected to that same root which expands to beautiful branches and reaches out to the beautiful brother sun, sister moon, mother earth." - Liz Godeau

"This fair always fills me full of love and gratitude." - Joanne Esser

​"Oh my gosh, so much fun as always. Lots of high loving energy!" - Danielle Bourque

"Amazing energy, great atmosphere, wonderful people." - Melissa Buckley​

"What an awesome fun-filled weekend! The Riverview Holistic Fair was another block-buster!" - Joanne Maillet

"The transformations that we witnessed this weekend is phenomenal! Our area is certainly leading the way to our New Earth by its commitment to looking within and healing the world by healing ourselves." - Anik Malenfant

"What a blast. A wonderful gift this fair is to my heart and my vibration. It such a wonderful pleasure to be part if this every time. Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson you are such beautiful human angels. You are both blessings to the ones to meet you." - Danielle Bourque

"I feel a camaraderie with those who are heart based and there to support each other. I really appreciate the neighbors who give hugs so freely...They are not worried about competition...but serving for the highest good of all." - Susan Blanchard

"We met some beautiful people and created a great starting point to some future relationships." - Shelly J.

"Thank you for once again hosting an incredible event. It was an extra special event for me, as this was my first return to Moncton since moving home 2 years ago. I was very much overwhelmed by the love that I received from people at the fair. And what a great venue to have that happen in. It was a great fair. I had a wonderful time." - Penny Lighthall

"What a great time I had at the Fair. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you are and that you have done to contribute to these "magical moments" for me and hundreds of us. I am grateful for the divine connections and the new friendships that were created. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to love, inspire and serve." - Anne-Marie Collette

"Special thanks for providing a heart based space for many people searching to come together. I especially enjoy the openness." - Sue Blanchard

"Such a beautiful service you provide to the community." - Kathy M.

"My heart is filled with gratitude for all the beautiful people, and heart to heart conversations with beautiful messages. The Little Fair with the Big Heart stands by its name." - Paulette Melanson

"I feel so at peace, connected and I can be me. It's a true blessing and honor to be a part of this." - Danielle B.

"I feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful heart filled event." - Joanne Esser

"Love, love and more love ... The natural and true vibes are one of a kind... You can feel it all around and its blessings at its finest! Oneness." - Lise G.

"WOWOWOW! Thanks for another fun fair!" - EagleSpirit

"I was in an environment where I felt at home and where I could finally show who I am." - P.M.

"Feeling very loved at the holistic fair with all the hugs I gave and all the hugs I received." - P.L.

"It was awesome, like always I met some wonderful people and creator sure spoiled me and I am very grateful." - L.G.

"Had a wonderful time at the Fair again this year. I love the energy/people and the experience in its entirety." - D.B.

"Had a wonderful weekend at the fair meeting so many wonderful people who are looking for ways to be healthier and happier! it's an honour to be a part of this community!" - D.C.

"I just love working the doors...seeing people walk in a bit hesitant and walking out so heart based is enough to raise my spirits...I love the work that all of u do and helping this world become more heart based one person at a time." J.W. (Volunteer)

"Thank you for the opportunity to come together and share what we are passionate about...the work that inspires us. Part of the joy for me is connecting with other exhibitors and with the wider community." - A.O.

"As always - Dragonfly Designs Henna had a wonderful time at the Fair. I always get the chance to create new and wonderful pieces of art here." - Larissa Reinders

"Ever had one of those yummy days when you know you are exactly where you need to be doing exactly what you need to be doing? Today was one of those days!" - EagleSpirit

"Wow Kim & Steve, you guys sure know how to throw a holistic party! So grateful to you guys for all the work...Your efforts always create a magical experience for all those who are in attendance." - A.M.

"I am over the top Happy - Met so many wonderful New people over the weekend. Special thanks to my amazing friends Kim & Steve for all their heartfelt work! We love YOU so!"- Pamela Cail

"We always feel welcomed and well taken care of at these fairs." - S.J.

"It was very uplifting and energizing." - C.B.

"What a great weekend...we had so much fun. The atmosphere and energy was great." - D.C.

"This was a top notch & awesome event again!!!" - J.G.

"Thank you to Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson for another wonderful heart centered fair. A great time was had by all at from all the smiles and hugs and laughter and tears... very moving indeed! I really love being part of your community." - EagleSpirit

"It's wonderful to connect with people who share in our vision of a more ecological community!" - D.R.

"The unbelievable energy of the people who attend. I love to walk around and feel how loving and peaceful everything is. It's better than (other events). More intimate." - Anon.

"The atmosphere. The people are so welcoming, warm and you can tell they really want to help people. Very informative and it makes me feel real good inside. I love this fair ." - Anon.

"I'm excited to see all the different healers. Its unlike other markets and fairs. Its beautiful to see things like this in a small town." - Anon.

"The treatments, meeting of new people, I love it all!" - Anon.

"The holistic part of it learning spiritual ways of wellbeing." - Anon.

"The more close knit feel than other expos." - Anon.

"The energy and joy that this fair brings together. We are growing each day." - Anon.

"Divine energy - Amazing soul family attend with the most intricate of skills. I appreciate like minded people as such - much respect & love." - Anon.

"I love to see different types of healing and modalities that I can learn from. A place that I can be open and myself. A place where I can be open in my crystals and much more. I love to see other passionate about their teaching." - Anon.

"I love that it showcases all the local involvement in alternative ideas and therapies. The growth of the fair demonstrates just how much it has educated and impressed the local community - in that way growing interest and involvement in this unique event year after year." - Anon.

"It brings such joy to my heart visiting and supporting others who are awakening!" - Anon.

"Small and cozy!" - Anon.

"Wonderful fair with great energy and wonderful people." - Anon.

"The loving atmosphere." - Anon.

"I am always interested in learning more about the metaphysical realm! I've had nothing but good experiences with good, like minded people." - Anon.

"I love all the diversity. Various exhibitors for various needs and interest!" - Anon.

"Love the feeling as if i visiting family when I attend.:)

"It is just a calming atmosphere when you enter and I luv all the natural products available and info." - Anon.

"I love the feel of the energy as soon as you enter the building." - Anon.

"The energy is warm & inviting!!" - Anon.

"Very friendly, inviting vendors. Not too crowded, so you get the chance to really explore and learn new things." - Anon.

"I love talking with and being surrounded by such beautiful souls." - Anon.

"I just love the energy in the Fair, I always feel so happy and calm when I am there. I also love to see all the Exhibitors that I came to know and love."​ - Anon.