About Us

Who We Are

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson

Husband-and-Wife Holistic Healers

Clayhut Healing and the Riverview Holistic Fair

Steve Clayton is the 'face' of the fair. He takes care of everyone's needs at each event. When not at the fair, Steve is specializes in Full-Spectrum Vibrational Energy Healing for people and pets. He also loves to write.

Kim Hutchinson is the 'brains' of the fair (according to Steve). She handles the behind-the-scenes details. When not organizing fairs, Kim provides worldwide Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. She also loves creating art.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring local, heart-based holistic health practitioners together with kindred souls, in a loving and affordable environment that is conducive to healing and relationship-building.

Our Commitment to Our Fair Family

We support our holistic family by regularly providing affordable exhibition space in small gatherings designed to ensure everyone's enjoyment and success. We may not attract huge crowds, but our attendees tend to stay a long time and talk with every exhibitor. Real, lasting relationships are formed.

We attract heart-based people who are passionate about healing and helping. They take the time to talk with you in a relaxed and friendly environment. You can easily spend a full day, or even a whole weekend, listening to free talks, and sampling a diverse selection of services and products.